Dr. Eve Maram

Psychopathy Within

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Orange County, California

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Announcing a Spring 2018 PUBLIC PROGRAM:

Presented by
Eve Maram, PsyD
Sunday,  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM,  April 8th,  2018

Dr. Maram offers a new way of conceptualizing and defining psychopathy that is a convergence of the author’s divergent professional experiences as a forensic psychologist, a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist, and her own life experiences over decades as a Jungian student and analysand.  We will explore this charged topic, psychopathy, with a new perspective that holds the potential for growth and healing.  At the heart of the story is the power of eros, the devastating ramifications of its absence, and the tremendous healing energy of its presence.

Course objectives:

  • Understand a gradated definition of psychopathy.
  • Know at least 3 symptoms of psychopathy from depth psychology.
  • Explain how eros holds the potential for healing psychopathy.