Dr. Eve Maram


Jungian analyst Eve Maram’s The Schizophrenia Complex focuses on the thoughts and feelings constellated by encounters with what we call schizophrenia, for those who experience symptoms, and for those others impacted by them.
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PsychopathyWithin“Psychopathy Within” offers a new way of conceptualizing and defining psychopathy that is a convergence of the author’s divergent professional experiences as a forensic psychologist and a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and her personal life experiences over decades as a Jungian student and analysand.

A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump

A-Clear-and-Present-Danger“Narcissism demands to be mirrored and refuses to be challenged. It demands acclaim, obedience, and accommodation, while disregarding others. Whether narcissism overtakes the home, the workplace, or the national stage, everyone who comes under Narcissus’s spell, both the narcissist and their subjects, suffer.”

Dr. Eve Maram contributed by authoring the chapter Narcissism and Social Media: Eros Held Hostage 

Article: Dialoguing with My Demon (Psychological Perspectives)

psyperspectiveIn this article Dr. Eve Maram charts the beginning of a journey, a weaving together of personal insights and experiences related to schizophrenia, mostly unwanted, including observations from decades of study as a psychologist and Jungian-oriented therapist/student and dream work from her own analysis. The shock of her mother’s death, in conjunction with her adult son’s plummet into the world she most dreaded, forced her into a reckoning with a topic she was raised to avoid: a re-examination of her personal history and that of her extended family, and an inescapable invitation to question her precious images, notions, and plans for the ideal life.

How to Use a Jungian Perspective on the Marriage Relationship, The Container and the Contained

The Therapist Magazine, Volume 16, Issue 5, September/October 2004

Clinical Handbook of Adolescent Addiction, edited by Dr Richard Rosner

Chapter 7, Psychosocial Assessment of the Substance Abusing Adolescent, 2012